Home Flooring Options

Floors often need replacement as the decades roll by, and there are plenty of choices for the modern homeowner. Some of them can be easily installed in a weekend for those who like to do it on their own, and others may require professional installation. Home flooring options today cover a wide variety of materials that are easy to clean on a daily basis, and many of them have other attributes recommended for busy families on the go. Whether there is a need for a long wear life, water resistance, or just good looks, there is a material that can fit almost every need.

A Look at Linoleum

A few decades ago, linoleum was considered one of the passe flooring options that should rarely be considered when upgrading a home. That has changed in recent years, so a look at linoleum might be a good place to begin. It has come back into style due to the options available. It still comes in either sheets or tiles, and it can be placed relatively quickly. Modern manufacturers have created many new and exciting patterns that will wear well for at least a decade. For those concerned with water on the floor, sheet linoleum is often a good choice in the kitchen and bath.

The Beauty of Wood

Hard or soft woods, there are plenty of modern options available for families in need of a new floor. The beauty of wood is a classic in homes, and it comes in easy-to-install kits for those able to do it on their own. Professional installation may be called for in some cases, but the wear life of good wood flooring can ease the cost over the years. While some of the newest types of wood flooring are water resistant, many may still be difficult to maintain in a busy family home. Checking the manufacturer’s notes on attributes can make it a first choice for a new floor.

A Resin Floor

It may seem like going back in time, but terrazzo flooring has come back into style. This is a floor option that is a combination of dried aggregates or resin bonded aggregates. The durability of terrazzo has always been a plus, and the colours today are extraordinary. Pennine Aggregates is one company that can provide many different sizes, shades, and colours of their aggregates to make the perfect resin flooring. It will wear well over the decades, it resists water quite well, and staining is generally not an issue. For those seeking a floor that will still be viable for the next few generations, this option could be their best bet.

There are still more flooring options that can be explored by modern shoppers, and all of them have a unique set of qualifications for fitting into the modern home. Every choice should depend upon the needs of those who will walk upon it over time. Whether it is the classic beauty of wood, the exciting new designs of linoleum, or the long wear life of terrazzo, there are more than enough choices to satisfy almost every customer with a need for new flooring.